Children of the Anachronistic Dynasty - If A Friend lyrics

Verse 1:
Trust a friend as if a fault line.
Judge him as you would a book.
Love him as you could a thistle.
Could a liar could a crook.
Chorus 1:
If a friend.
If a friend.
Verse 2:
Hold him close enough to cut you.
Grant him faith to ease the hurt.
Praise him for his thoughtless actions.
As you drag his bleeding heart through dirt.
Chorus 2:
Ahhh if a friend.
If a friend.
Verse 3:
Make him think he owed you conscious.
Twist his eye to see a tear.
Slowly turn your back and leave him.
Leave him lonely show him fear.
Chorus 3:
If a friend.
If a friend.
Verse 4:
End his wounds with salt and gravel.
Laughing at his screaming face.
At his back with loaded daggers.
Wipe his tears with shiny razor blades.
Bridge 1:
Trust me i understand.
Look at these eyes.
Would these fuck you over.
If your an enemy maybe.
But not if your a friend.
Chorus 4:
Ahh if a friend.
If a friend.
Verse 5:
Be ashured should he be fatal.
Talk of death and rape the land.
Share with him as if a junky.
Give a loser his best friend.
If a friend.
Trust me you stupid fool.
Suck my ass.