Chief Keef - How It Go (2014)

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Chief Keef - How It Go lyrics

[Hook: Chief Keef]
You know how it go, baby you know how it go
I'm doing shows on the road
Getting dough girl you know how it go
Fucking hoes hoes girl you know how it go
Counting rolls girl you know how it go
I got my pole girl you know how it go
I can't trust a soul girl you know how it go

[Verse 1: Chief Keef]
I be counting stacks smoking thrax on the road
After she give me neck break the back on ya ho
I ain't with that capping put a cap in yo skull
I know it's usually Tray Savage but I got this Mac to your skull
Give my 30 to Tadoe
Bullets fly like birdies so lay low
Like French niggas acting so its me and Bankroll
I am pistol packin and I know, they don't need to say so
Smoking loud pack for my problems
But I got a mac that a solve them
I tote 30's no revolvers
Aim at ya medulla like, "Now what?"
Kush got me brain damaged smoking all this sour
And I got my clout boy, fuck all these cowards
He say he a Clout-Boy then fucking clapped him
Fucking with my racks boy, bullet shells gon' find him
He say he a clout boy then fucking cloud him
Fucking with my racks boy buck shots gone find him

[Hook: Chief Keef]

[Verse 2: Chief Keef]
I ain't with the actin but I got extended clips
Flexin like you bout it but your chest can get ripped
He think he Titanic put a gat to your ship
Pistol got me vibrating fuck a nigga in here
Only thing I know I ain't scared to light them big bills
Only thing I know better stop worrying bout mine and get theirs
But that's how it go when you at the top looking at the
Bottom of the world like, "Damn I used to be there."
I ain't with that opp shit or that cop shit
But I am with Glo Gang we get the gwap quick
All these niggas up in they feelings
Smoking loud pack I can't hear my feelings
All a nigga want is some billions
But im smoking loud pack while I spend my millions
No MC Hammer bitch I'm Sosa Jigga
No I dont know nothing no I didn't did it