Chiddy Bang - Sooner Or Later (2010)

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Chiddy Bang - Sooner Or Later lyrics

I am going to play for you our first tune tonight it's going to be about four tunes
And the first tune, here it goes
1, 2, 3

[Verse 1]
Now when them fights go down
Them lights go down
In villas and the village people might be round
THey say that all the people gonna like me now
Because I talk about the issues in this life we found

All through the country people getting slain
Priority religion disobey get hanged
I know some little kids quick to get militant
Just give them packs of the gun

They really feel the clips
They told me not to worry 'bout the struggle
And they don't gotta worry 'cause it's subtle
Tell 'em about the government taking away the light
Aviation is ruined they say when you take a flight

Say when you take the continent from the white man threw
White man colonize wealth can't do
They fly G5 but they gotta land too
We explode like the land mines that they ran through

Oooooo, ooooooo ooooo oooo
Oooooo, ooooooo ooooo oooo

[Verse 2]
So we try palm trees in the sky
It's a beautiful day
I am just happy to be alive
I am playing with sling shots with renewable goods
Think you got it tough because you're in the hood? Negative

I am positive you would be in upset mode
When you wear the same thing like you got a dress code
I guess I am guilty of being privileged
'Cause while I am in the booth my cousin is in the village

I seen a boy with no father
His mom ain't around lifes harder
Picked up soccer he trying to go farther
Hair is a mess can't find him no barber
And this is what it's like
When you ain't got a life
I'm all they got left

But they trying to do right
And they feel my plight
They giving them incite
I know we gotta win
So then fly me a kite

Oooooo, ooooooo ooooo oooo
Oooooo, ooooooo ooooo oooo

[Verse 3]
We get by
The weather is just right
Say good morning when I see you
'Cause I gotta be polite
And I am living something different

'Cause this can't be the life
You don't got a chance so you better focus on your plans
I try to grind like children that sell pure water
The land of the lawless manslaughter
Negotatiate your price I'll take your offer
In the market where they sell them what did that cost her

I try to chase the gold out here
But honestly it's bumpy like the roads out here
And I advise if your salary is handsome
Vulu feli feli they will hold you for ransom

If you gotta take a glimpse of my family life
You will lose your mind Chris Brown on Grammy night
And this is what the news don't show
There is nothing on the table so the dudes the dude's don't grow

Oooooo, ooooooo ooooo oooo
Oooooo, ooooooo ooooo oooo

You see what this is man
We don't came through all types of o's
We still got people out there now

You know what I am saying
I am doing this for my cousin Remi
We gonna make it out the village some day
Sooner... later