Chi Ali - A Million lyrics (Chinese translation). | Lot of speculations on the crime that I did
, Dames that I’ve slid
, How a nigga been in the limes...
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Chi Ali - A Million (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Lot of speculations on the crime that I did
ZH: 多揣测,我做了犯罪问题

EN: Dames that I’ve slid
ZH: 我已经滑的女人

EN: How a nigga been in the limes since a kid
ZH: 如何黑鬼在石灰以来一个孩子

EN: When I was on the run all the time where I hid
ZH: 我在运行的时候我把藏在哪里的所有时间

EN: What type of shit run through your mind on the bid
ZH: 哪种类型的大便上申办运行你的脑海

EN: Are you sorry for what you did? And jail was it lonely?
ZH: 很抱歉,你做了什么吗?和监狱是它寂寞吗?

EN: That’s a nice watch, what is that, a rollie?
ZH: 这就是一个不错的手表,那罗利是什么?

EN: Are you still a parolie, I seen you with joey
ZH: 你仍然是 parolie,我见过你与乔伊

EN: Crack in the video, is fat joe your homie
ZH: 视频中的裂缝,是你的同胞的胖子乔

EN: Homie, slow down, I just came home
ZH: 兄弟,慢下来,我只是来首页

EN: Can I get a minute, with my kids on my own
ZH: 我能一分钟,跟我的孩子我自己吗

EN: Can I zone for a minute,
ZH: 一分钟,地带可以吗

EN: Dog, I just finished, doing 12 years surrounded by seargeants and lieutenants
ZH: 狗,我只是,做完 12 年 seargeants 和将士们包围

EN: Now, I’m surrounded by frauds that’s in this bizness
ZH: 现在,我被包围在这爽的欺诈

EN: That rap hard, but they soft is so timment
ZH: 那 rap 硬,但他们软是这么 timment

EN: Lord, give me the strength to deal with this fake shit
ZH: 主啊,给我的力量来应对这假烂

EN: Cause I’m just too real
ZH: 因为我太过真实

EN: So when a rapper says just call me, I do and he ignore me
ZH: 所以当一个说唱歌手说就打电话给我,我做和他无视我

EN: After he show love as soon as he saw me
ZH: 之后他显示的爱,只要他见到我

EN: That annoys me, mike said it’s common practice
ZH: 这让我生气,迈克说,常见的做法是

EN: He said the rap game is filled with a lot of actors
ZH: 他说: 说唱游戏充满了很多演员

EN: I’m used to deal with the fish you cats
ZH: 我用来对付你猫鱼

EN: They miss you callin, they hit you back
ZH: 他们想念你在呼喊,他们打你回来

EN: They say they gonn give you something
ZH: 他们说他们打给你的东西

EN: And they give you that
ZH: 他们给你的

EN: And if they not gonn do something, they tell you that
ZH: 如果他们不想毙做些什么,他们告诉你,

EN: It’s so simple, but enough about that
ZH: 它是如此简单,但足够的了解,

EN: Flex, tell slay, ain’t enough that I’m back
ZH: Flex,告诉杀死,不够不是我回来了

EN: And the flow is intact, and I’m lookin like I’m 21
ZH: 流的方向是不变,和看去像我 21 岁

EN: The bid’s over, so let’s let the money come
ZH: 申办已经结束,所以我们让这笔钱来

EN: I could ask the questions, but I’m all about the dough
ZH: 我可以问问题,但我所有关于面团

EN: So the question I ask is, how bad you wanna know?
ZH: 所以我要问的问题是,如何坏你想要知道吗?

EN: Blam, blam, blam, blam
ZH: 砰、 砰、 砰、 砰

EN: A million, a million, a million,
ZH: 100 万、 100 万、 100 万,

EN: A million, a million, a million.
ZH: 100 万、 100 万、 100 万。