Chevy Woods - Speed (Gang Land Mixtape) (2012)

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Chevy Woods - Speed (Gang Land Mixtape) lyrics

It’s motherfuckin’ gang land my nigga
It’s Taylor Gang or die nigga
You know what I’m sayin’?
It’s Chevy, you know what I’m sayin’?
I do this shit for real my nigga
You know? A lot of motherfuckers got a lot of shit to say but um
I think that this tape is gonna set a few niggas straight
You know what I’m sayin’?
We gonna ruler you niggas out, one time
And that’s Gang Land, shout out to the Cap, shout out to my block
4400, you know what it is
We do it for the hood my nigga
Gang Land

It’s one thing to act cool, it’s another thing just to be it
I guess you niggas blind to the fact
So that explains why you don’t see it
Let’s work, uh

And that’s TGOD
1 double O 8, that’s the square root of white
Money comin’ so fast I was countin’ all night
And mom’s gonna do it cuz I have my own cash
And I don’t need hers cuz I have my own bed
I was thievin’ like Scarface, table full of white
When I spin on that shit I make it back by the night
Yea, that’s one wrong move, chopper boy’s on call
I remember nights lookin’ to the sky, oh Lord
That’s quality over quantity any day
In that California Kobe cush firin’ up them J’s
Had a plug for my niggas, I felt like they was me
With a plan to get money that you’ll probly never see
I’m talkin’ 50 of them things, every three days
Poppin’ champagne, lookin’ at my niggas, weed pay
All we know is hustle, you should understand that
What you know about road trips and it ain’t comin’ back
When you hear it it’s a numb feeling runnin’ through your veins
But what you gonna do? You’ll probly go insane
Couple homies in the grave, I wish I could call
Few niggas turned on me, thought them niggas was my dogs
When a nigga tryin’ to eat it ain’t never too much
Burnin’ weed down the interstate I’m fuckin’ with the clutch
I’m livin’ life fast, nigga Taylor Gang that
Bitch, we’ve been head straight, it’s run until you Gang that
Throwin’ money overseas, yea nigga, did that

And loyalty is some shit you ain’t gotta give back
Yea, that’s family, our get together and that’s just rap
Don’t even know each other’s last names and that’s fact

Loyalty is some shit you ain’t gotta give back
Only get together’s family, our niggas just rap
Don’t even know each other’s last names and that’s fact

So I got one question for y’all
What’s rap to you?

Smoke a lot of weed, do a lot of drinkin’
Got my mind on this money, ‘bout this money I’ve been thinkin’