Chevy Woods - Glass Table Girls (2012)

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Chevy Woods - Glass Table Girls lyrics

Yeah, Taylor, aha, shake it!
Miami nights cool I got a friend on the dolphins
Used to make that.. dance, crystal for walking
I’ll be on another shit that these niggers were never on
Tell ‘em that you’re a better..
if you’re not by whatever, home!
Yeah, I’m just nice!
It’s a wedding to you, to me is just nice!
I’ll be on that other shit like yeah,
That’s my brother bitch,
Why you baby momma dance up right in front of it!
No lie, I’m so fly, look how you’re chilling, you’ll be running for ‘em thousands,
Cause we’re chasing dollar millions like uh, I need it!
Speed it, getting rid, got a problem, nigger treat your pockets …
I don’t play about it no core, yeah that’s our eye ball
..dirty birds in, I ain’t talking…
We’re cash running back, I do shit, and…
What’s your worth, catch…
You know why I rap.
Smoking planes with your maid, yeah
She love ‘em papers! Ha, ha!