Cherish - Secretary lyrics (Chinese translation). | Say you claim you got a girl unless she’s did to you 
, But i say it’s just a boy and boys break...
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Cherish - Secretary (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Say you claim you got a girl unless she’s did to you
ZH: 说你说你有一个女孩,除非她已对你做了

EN: But i say it’s just a boy and boys break out the rules
ZH: 但它是只是一个男孩和男孩打破了规则

EN: Would it keep the secret even nobody has to know
ZH: 它会保守这个秘密甚至没人知道

EN: Let me be your secretary a professional
ZH: 让我成为你的秘书专业

EN: Pre chorus:
ZH: Pre 合唱:

EN: Don’t you want a little adventure
ZH: 你不想小小的冒险吗

EN: Something that i cannot hold
ZH: 我不能拥有的东西

EN: Don’t you want a little excitement
ZH: 你不想有点兴奋吗

EN: Something that will turn you on
ZH: 将打开您的东西

EN: Let me give you a little attention
ZH: 让我给你一个小注意

EN: When she’s doing you wrong
ZH: 当她在做你错了

EN: I just want you to take all of your frustration now
ZH: 想让你把所有的你现在的挫折

EN: Me baby baby
ZH: 我宝贝宝贝

EN: Chorus:
ZH: 合唱:

EN: I really really hope you got it ‘cause my love it aint ..
ZH: 我真的真的希望你是因为我爱它不...

EN: Breaking my heart and necessary when i can be your secretary
ZH: 打破我的心和必要时我可以是你的秘书

EN: Hold on your calls on my list the things to do
ZH: 坚持你的电话我的名单上的事情要做

EN: Then we can do whatever you wanna do
ZH: 然后我们可以做任何你想做

EN: Nah nah some girls think i’m crazy
ZH: 没有没有一些女孩认为我疯了

EN: Some just think i’m wrong
ZH: 有些只是觉得我是错的

EN: But at least i’m no the one who gonna lead you on
ZH: 但至少我是没有一个人会带你

EN: ‘cause i don’t ..or touch
ZH: 因为我不...或触摸

EN: When it’s over she can have you back
ZH: 结束时她可以让你回心转意

EN: But i know you wanna stay so call your girl .. working late
ZH: 但我知道你想留个电话你的女孩...工作到很晚

EN: [Pre chorus:]
ZH: [Pre 合唱:]

EN: [2 x Chorus:]
ZH: [2 x 合唱:]

EN: Baby let me be your secretary
ZH: 宝贝,让我成为你的秘书

EN: And know how to do whatever you take me
ZH: 并知道如何去做你带我去

EN: Then our bodies still be talking
ZH: 然后我们的身体仍会说话

EN: And i know you gonna like it
ZH: 我知道你会喜欢它

EN: And i leave you and take control
ZH: 我离开你,并采取控制

EN: I just wanna get physical
ZH: 我只是想要物理

EN: [2 x chorus:]
ZH: [2 x 合唱:]