Chely Wright - Horoscope (2001)

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Chely Wright - Horoscope lyrics

Every morning on my way to work
I stop off at Ernie's Corner Stand
He sees me comin' from half a block away
He's got my mornin' paper in his hand

He probably thinks I read it for the headlines
Just another never-get-enough news junkie
But I round the corner and in no time
Life section D's in my hand
The rest is in a garbage can

I still read your horoscope
'Cause I can't seem to give up hope
I've got to see what's up with Scorpio
Between that and Capricorn, maybe I'll know
What you're goin' through
What should I do?
Have you found someone new?
Are you going to?

Today it said someone from your past
Would give you a call, so well, "hi"
And if you feel old feelings comin' back
Don't be surprised, it said you might
I know you probably think I'm crazy
Puttin' stock in the stars and the constellation
Ooh, but ever since I lost you baby
It's the only thing that I can do
To feel like I'm keepin' up with you