Cheetah - Da Rugrats Riddum lyrics

Yeh, say this is true say yeh,
And this is the rugrats riddum,
Ridin' it we have knee-high and cheetah,
This one is large,
You better listen up, yeh,
'Coz this is very big, BLURH! BLURH!

Wot, and I'm only a teen
But I'm true lyk a rugrat murkin' the scene,
I'm a white boy,
You cuss dese lyrics there'll be fight, boy,
'Coz I play football and more,
Kickin' at your ankles, I want more,
I'll leave you on the floor,
Leave you feelin' sore, BLURH!

Wot and I'm only a teen,
But wat does that mean
It, mens, I'm a young MC,
But you cud still get blazed by me

When I spit bars the bars are mucky,
I'm a rugrat, but my name's not Chuckie,
I don't want beef wid you,
You don't want beef wid me,
I'll keep it murkey,
Toll on deep off-key!