Cheap Trick - Surrender lyrics (Chinese translation). | Mother told me, yes she told me
, I'd meet girls like you
, She also told me stay away
, You'll...
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Cheap Trick - Surrender (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Mother told me, yes she told me
ZH: 母亲告诉我,是她告诉我

EN: I'd meet girls like you
ZH: 我见到你这样的女孩

EN: She also told me stay away
ZH: 她还告诉我远离

EN: You'll never know what you'll catch
ZH: 你永远不会知道你会抓住

EN: Just the other day I heard
ZH: 就在前几天听说

EN: Of a soldier's falling off
ZH: 从高处掉下来一个士兵

EN: Some Indonesian junk
ZH: 一些印尼的垃圾

EN: That's going 'round
ZH: 这会 ' 圆

EN: (Chorus):
ZH: (合唱):

EN: Mommy's allright, Daddy's allright
ZH: 妈咪的好了,老爸的还好吧

EN: They just seem a little weird
ZH: 他们只是看起来有点奇怪

EN: Surrender, surrender
ZH: 投降投降

EN: But don't give yourself away
ZH: 但不要放弃了自己

EN: Father says your mother's right
ZH: 父亲说你母亲的权利

EN: She's really up on things
ZH: 她真是的东西

EN: Before we married Mommy served
ZH: 我们结婚妈妈送达之前

EN: On the WACs in the Philippines
ZH: 关于在菲律宾的水冷式空调系统

EN: Now I had heard the WACs recruited
ZH: 现在我听说过的水冷式空调系统招聘

EN: Old maids for the war
ZH: 老女仆为战争的

EN: But Mommy isn't one of those
ZH: 但妈妈不是其中之一

EN: I've known her all these years
ZH: 我认识她这些年来

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Whatever happened to all this season's
ZH: 这一季的所有的事情

EN: Losers of the year
ZH: 在今年的输家

EN: Every time I got to thinking
ZH: 每次我就想

EN: Where'd they disappear
ZH: 他们哪里会消失

EN: Then I woke up, Mom and Dad
ZH: 然后我醒了,妈妈和爸爸

EN: Are rolling on the couch
ZH: 滚动的坐在沙发上

EN: Rolling numbers, rock and rolling
ZH: 滚动的数字、 岩石和滚动

EN: Got my Kiss records out
ZH: 了我的吻记录

EN: (Chorus)
ZH: (合唱)

EN: Away...
ZH: 走......