Che'Nelle - My Pledge lyrics

I ain't gon judge ya by your family
I ain't gon judge ya by the people you meet
I ain't go judge ya if you ain't an academic
If you ain't nothin herioc,
I don't care
I ain't gon turn my back on you
Even if you hurt my feelings boy I supply you
Cuz I know deep down,
Baby you don't mean it
And by the time I worry you're sayin baby I'm sorry
(So fine and) ain't nothin 'bout ya that I deserve

You may not determine
What your future holds
As long as we're together
That's all I wanna know
I want you to be my everything
Would you be mine
I don't want no secrets between us
Only Lies
As long as we're together
That's all I want in life
Baby, this is my pledge to you

I ain't complainin 'bout the way you live
I ain't complainin 'bout the love you give
I ain't complainin 'bout all your past stories
I ain't in that category
So I don't care

I appreciate you for who you are
Trying to understand me, baby that's enough
To satisfy my every need
I can't say no more except my love is for real

(So fine that) Ain't nothin better than what's happening


Thinkin, thinkin
Where will we be
Five years down the line
Will we still be here,
Only wanna think about the
Positive things baby
Maybe marrige, maybe kids,