Chasing Fabio - Used And Abused lyrics

I knew this would happen,
Never wanted it to be true,
But you made it seem like I could trust you

Held my hand,
Told me everything was alright,
Led me upstairs, and then you turned out the light---


Monuments fall and nations die,
Help me forget my life's a lie
Was I just a piece in this game that you played?
How could you use me and tell me I was to blame?
Monuments fall and nations die.

Next thing I knew you were walking out,
Leaving me here wondering what this was all about.
I thought it was fate, but you destroyed that theory,
Someone I thought I could depend on turned into my enemy.


How could you be so cold,
I thought I knew you better then that.
You made me feel wanted,
Yet I still want you back.