Chase N. Cashe - Trill Living 2.0 lyrics (Chinese translation). | No dealer on a block that’s me
, You wanna know what’s up with me, I suggest you fuck with me
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Chase N. Cashe - Trill Living 2.0 (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: No dealer on a block that’s me
ZH: 上一个块,就是我没有经销商

EN: You wanna know what’s up with me, I suggest you fuck with me
ZH: 你想知道我是怎么了,我建议你搞我

EN: Cause I got the product that could get you higher
ZH: 我可以给你更高的产品的原因

EN: Great A, plus… you should be a buyer.
ZH: 大 A,再加上......你应该是一个买家。

EN: Made my .. in the game, now I must triumph
ZH: 做我...在游戏中,现在我必须胜利

EN: Sun rise to the dust, I’m a bug finder
ZH: 太阳升起到灰尘,我是 bug finder

EN: Major money, no pay, we don’t touch minor
ZH: 主要的钱,没有薪水,我们别碰轻微

EN: Pace so big rose, watch my …
ZH: 速度这么大玫瑰,手表我......

EN: ASAP say what’s up for ….
ZH: ASAP 说的是什么......

EN: The presence of a king I must embody in a given day …
ZH: 国王的存在,我必须体现在某一天......

EN: Many ways to get paid if you think about it
ZH: 许多方法可以得到报酬如果你想想

EN: So I .. the game it ain’t shit without me
ZH: 所以我...它没有我狗屁不是游戏

EN: Anything my hands touch turn to be..
ZH: 什么我的手触摸变成...

EN: Some people think I’m cocky, some think I’m grounded
ZH: 有些人认为我很自大,有些人认为我被关禁闭

EN: But I really give a fuck what you think about it
ZH: 但真正给他妈想想它

EN: Been here still, with the rill, so I face…
ZH: 在这里仍然,细沟,所以我面对......

EN: But my … colored brothers can’t live without him.
ZH: 但我...彩色的兄弟不能没有他。

EN: Some .. club brothers might roll..
ZH: 一些...俱乐部兄弟可能卷...

EN: And leave you fishy niggers laying flat like fountains
ZH: 和离开你像喷泉一样躺平的腥黑鬼

EN: .. and I’m scoring all the mermaids
ZH: ..和我得分所有美人鱼

EN: Post it at the shore where…
ZH: 将其张贴在岸边哪里......

EN: ..spinning my worst days
ZH: ..纺纱我最糟糕的日子

EN: I know you wish you had it like me in the worst way
ZH: 我知道你希望你有像我这样最糟糕的方法

EN: Went so much, my nick name is first place
ZH: 去了这么多,我尼克的名字是第一次的地方

EN: I hit ‘em on the first meet and never first dates
ZH: 我打他们的第一次见面从来没有第一次约会

EN: Take it to the W then I let the problem …
ZH: 把它带到 W,然后我让问题......

EN: She got some nice friends…
ZH: 她有几个好朋友......

EN: And then we squeeze in my bed like clowns in a..
ZH: 然后我们挤在我床上像小丑......

EN: Even …. on my style cal it old fashion
ZH: 关于我风格 cal...甚至它旧时尚

EN: Look new, but it’s vintage..
ZH: 看看新的但它的复古...

EN: I.. in my phone, momma call at it.
ZH: I..在我的手机,在它的妈妈打电话。

EN: Dirty sprayed in my future so I make it happen
ZH: 使它脏喷洒在我的未来发生

EN: dinner one, then I make magic
ZH: ..在其中一个的晚餐,然后我让魔术

EN: My main bitch say to drink, don’t make it tragic
ZH: 我主要的婊子说到喝酒,别让悲剧

EN: But I keep on sipping, keep on pimping
ZH: 但我一直在喝,保持上拉皮条

EN: Lames trying to keep up, keep on tricking.
ZH: 跛脚尝试去保持,保持上欺骗。

EN: I love your little budget, trying to keep it hot
ZH: 我爱你小小的预算,试着让它热

EN: Does it cause I been the realest, been the illest
ZH: 它不会因为我是最真实的很慢慢

EN: True, when the truest getting popped and duck money
ZH: 真正的这时最真实得冒了出来和鸭的钱

EN: What you’re talking about?...
ZH: 你在说什么吗?......

EN: If it ain’t paper, cut it out, no scissors,
ZH: 如果它不是纸,别说了,没有剪刀,

EN: Go figure how to run around cause my flow is sick
ZH: 去如何跑的原因我的流,是生病的图

EN: My whole dick and I’m .. in experience
ZH: 我和我的整个鸡巴我...在体验中

EN: I spoke what I fell, not a .. hearing it
ZH: 我说我掉的不...听到它

EN: Hustle, let me to the grounds, can’t fear it
ZH: 快点走,让我到理由,不能怕它

EN: Bitch is a tip, I ain’t playing, I’m serious
ZH: 婊子是一个提示,我可不玩,我是认真的

EN: Never came around to be down with you rap niggers
ZH: 大约是来陪你从未说唱黑鬼

EN: Most of my family is dope boy and…
ZH: 我的大多数家人是涂料的男孩和......

EN: Drop a bank clan, the whole plan is to… figures
ZH: 删除银行家族,整个计划是数字......

EN: And dominate the whole game like… nigger
ZH: 主宰整个游戏像...黑鬼

EN: Yeah, and my wolf on deck, and they attack niggers
ZH: 是的和在甲板上,一只狼和他们攻击黑鬼

EN: Don’t need to .. just to clap, nigger!
ZH: 不需要到...只是鼓掌,黑鬼 !

EN: Remember a while ago I couldn’t get rich
ZH: 记得很久以前我就不会有钱

EN: And I burst to the.. I shit on niggers.
ZH: 我冲到...我妈的鬼。

EN: Self made, drinking rose, let the cliques spill
ZH: 自我作,喝的玫瑰,让溢的结盟

EN: Dream chasing every day like a…
ZH: 梦想追逐像每一天......

EN: …and I’m speeding down the wrong way when I take a fine, coming back some day
ZH: ...还有当我把罚款,回来几天,我超速错误的方式

EN: And when I hit the game, better know I won’t play!
ZH: 当我打游戏,更好地知道我不会玩 !

EN: No man, cause I’m couching, too busy running shit
ZH: 没有人,我卧的原因太忙于运行狗屎

EN: And she’s throwing, too busy sucking dicks
ZH: 她投掷、 忙着吸吮鸡巴

EN: So she don’t answer when you call the phone
ZH: 所以她不回答您呼叫的电话的时候

EN: I’m the king on the throne, yes, call my home!
ZH: 我是王上王位,是的打电话给我的家!