Chase N. Cashe - Trill Living 2.0 (2011)

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Chase N. Cashe - Trill Living 2.0 lyrics

No dealer on a block that’s me
You wanna know what’s up with me, I suggest you fuck with me
Cause I got the product that could get you higher
Great A, plus… you should be a buyer.
Made my .. in the game, now I must triumph
Sun rise to the dust, I’m a bug finder
Major money, no pay, we don’t touch minor
Pace so big rose, watch my …
ASAP say what’s up for ….
The presence of a king I must embody in a given day …
Many ways to get paid if you think about it
So I .. the game it ain’t shit without me
Anything my hands touch turn to be..
Some people think I’m cocky, some think I’m grounded
But I really give a fuck what you think about it
Been here still, with the rill, so I face…
But my … colored brothers can’t live without him.
Some .. club brothers might roll..
And leave you fishy niggers laying flat like fountains
.. and I’m scoring all the mermaids
Post it at the shore where…
..spinning my worst days
I know you wish you had it like me in the worst way
Went so much, my nick name is first place
I hit ‘em on the first meet and never first dates
Take it to the W then I let the problem …
She got some nice friends…
And then we squeeze in my bed like clowns in a..
Even …. on my style cal it old fashion
Look new, but it’s vintage..
I.. in my phone, momma call at it.
Dirty sprayed in my future so I make it happen dinner one, then I make magic
My main bitch say to drink, don’t make it tragic
But I keep on sipping, keep on pimping
Lames trying to keep up, keep on tricking.
I love your little budget, trying to keep it hot
Does it cause I been the realest, been the illest
True, when the truest getting popped and duck money
What you’re talking about?...
If it ain’t paper, cut it out, no scissors,
Go figure how to run around cause my flow is sick
My whole dick and I’m .. in experience
I spoke what I fell, not a .. hearing it
Hustle, let me to the grounds, can’t fear it
Bitch is a tip, I ain’t playing, I’m serious
Never came around to be down with you rap niggers
Most of my family is dope boy and…
Drop a bank clan, the whole plan is to… figures
And dominate the whole game like… nigger
Yeah, and my wolf on deck, and they attack niggers
Don’t need to .. just to clap, nigger!
Remember a while ago I couldn’t get rich
And I burst to the.. I shit on niggers.
Self made, drinking rose, let the cliques spill
Dream chasing every day like a…
…and I’m speeding down the wrong way when I take a fine, coming back some day
And when I hit the game, better know I won’t play!
No man, cause I’m couching, too busy running shit
And she’s throwing, too busy sucking dicks
So she don’t answer when you call the phone
I’m the king on the throne, yes, call my home!