Charlie Marshall - A Scale Of Grey lyrics

If I could tell a lie, and make them all believe

That everything's alright in this four-walled fantasy

You know I probably would, just to see a glimpse of color

Run right down the page, on through this scale of grey

No more snowblind delusions that linger towards insanity

Past and wasted futures, all blamed upon society

Simple, yet dumbfounded conclusions all laid to waste

Once you've broadened your horizons past that lowly scale of grey

You know this isn't the way, you know this isn't the life

And if you look a little deeper inside your mind

Past the pessimistic detours, then you will be sure to find

Everything that you've always been looking for

Held back by the ones that have always left you blind

You can paint a brand new picture, and send it off with love

To every one of God's creatures, that reign down from above

And seal your place in destiny, for the rest of all eternity

In a rainbow colored fortress, far above these scales of grey