Charles Bronson - Fratguy On The Barbi lyrics

Walk in packs from the 503
thinking to score, shout "Hey baby"
with a fuck-off reply, so you switch
and turn around and call her a fucking bitch

You fucking jocks, yeah I wanna fuck with you
I'll spit in your face and wreck your fucking hairdo
You wouldn't do shit if you weren't full of beer
Impress your fellow clones, give 'em a reason to cheer

And I'll cheer
when you wrap yourselves around a telephone poll
you fuckin' drunks, sure I'm a fuckin' homo
if you're drunken macho image is the one I'm supposed to portray
I'd rather stay a cock-sucking faggot any fuckin' day

I can't fight - If you say so
You're not drunk - If you say so

You're all assholes and you don't even have to try
so why don't you go back to Hillcrest and fucking die!