Chargebox - My Elite lyrics

(G. Anselmo, 2007 ChargeUp'd Inc.)

I am a plant!.. greenest of leaves

In tasty chemicals

I need the sunlight, just as much as you

Can't live without water, cause i dry up, without

To breathe free, the love of oxygen

Is your mission substance understanding

Desire to cast stones, throw darkness out

Constant beating of this energy

Be the renegade, yeah, i'm almost reptile

The absorber of life, and damn it feels good

The most common of collisions

Is immortal, and invincible

To live is to evolve, stonger now

The sky can hold so much

An abyss of limitless, mysterious, onlyness!

I can feel sonething coming

I can feel something coming, here

I can feel something, be-coming.. now..