Chanté Moore - Love And The Woman lyrics

I need your love
living inside of me
I need your love
living abudantly
Can't live without your love, no
So keep giving love
Keep on giving me love

Verse 1:
Woman and man
Giving what I say that I am
Receiving all you need
Say that you can
Share unselfishly your fidelity
Give me what i need, baby

Repeat chorus

Verse 2:
Woman and child
Bouncing baby girl
Can I see your smile
You're so beautiful
You're a part of all that I am
Love from two made one
I'm doing all that I can
I'm giving you all you need

Repeat chorus

Verse 3:
Woman and God
I owe you my life and I love you so much
You gave your life for me
Forever more
No money, no one, nothing
Will ever come before
Thank you for everything
Don't you know, God is...

Repeat chorus to fade