Chandelier - Autumn Song lyrics

And so we fail again
Like a clock that's out of time
The whispering lights have gone away
Laughter circled round the glade
A breeze danced in the grass
Coloured chinese lanterns blew
The light up to the stars
Smiling stars

And so we fail again
Like a circus without a clown
The smell of life has left the sky
Burning before the afterglow
Waves caressed the sand
Humming nasty gnats they bite
Escape my killing hands

Time to retire
Tentacles seize
Trying to drown me
Under the ice
Heart of the run
Longing for sun
To feel secure
To return

And so we fail again
Like a tree that's lost its leaves
My hemisphere turned towards the cold
Swans pass by majesticly
Fountains in the park
A sweet scent lingers in the air
The warmth lights the dark
Once again