Chances Are High - Quit Raining On My Parade lyrics

I'm taking you all with me
To a place where we can see the difference between
Now and way back when.
Seems like only yesterday,
We would make the same mistakes we do today.
But I have no regrets.

We are the ones you can't stop and
We are the best of friends.
No one can tell us what to do,
So raise a glass and lets toast this one to you.

Take it easy, let the good times roll.
We may be crazy but we always take control.
So, heres to:
Riding in the backseats, and watching the sunrise as we look to the bay.
These are the days.

When we were younger we never understood.
How hard life can really be,
And will it ever be this good?
Growing up was something that took us all by storm
No matter who you are.
It always takes the best of you.

Nothing can stop us now.
We always take control.