Chances Are High - From Hello lyrics

She's dressed to kill, but I shouldn't get my hopes up.
Do I have a chance? Or should I just give up?
What should I do?
I fell so hard and I know I'll just keep falling.
I know you're sick of me continuously calling.
What can I do?

Woah, Oh. Woah, Oh
Woah, Oh. Woah, Oh!

And oh, I've never felt this lucky before you.
You had me from hello. (from hello)
I've never thought my dreams could be so true.
I'll always dream because of you.

Your eyes, they keep me coming back for more.
I wish we were sitting on the beach,
I'd watch the sun come up with you.
It's no suprise. You're just everything I hoped for.
I'll take you by the hand tonight.
I'll show you what my words can do.