Chance the Rapper - Hiatus Broadcast (2015)

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Chance the Rapper - Hiatus Broadcast lyrics

I'm just a soul that borrowed the bod
I have no quarrel with God
Keep my eye on the sparrow until I'm sparrin' with Rod
I will not spoil when I'm hot
I'm just gon' boil this pot
Moistenin' soil and plant sequoias that's tall enough
That they foil your plot
I am not royalty or giant, just a boy with a rock
Employer of lawyers, boy oh boy, it ain't no boy in me, ma
The work is over, you should sit back and enjoy your seat, ma
I'm buyin' groceries and toys and baby toilet seats, ma
I'm s'posed to teach 'em and feed 'em and give 'em help when they're readin'
And give 'em hugs after beatings and give 'em love after love
I'm Hallmark and Walmart just for you
And if it fall apart or it's all dark, I'm a wall charger or a call card
Or a cab co, or a golf cart just for you
We a ballpark, just the two
You're a Gamestop, I'm a Paul Blart, just not two
Thinkin' back on my rap shit, my mini afro black shit
That na-na-na-na bo squad got my back shit
Nathan, Peter, Nico on my tracks shit