Chance the Rapper - Acid Rain lyrics (Chinese translation). | vKicked off my shoes, tripped acid in the rain
, Wore my jacket as a cape, and my umbrella as a...
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Chance the Rapper - Acid Rain (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: vKicked off my shoes, tripped acid in the rain
ZH: vKicked 掉我的鞋子,跳闸酸在雨中

EN: Wore my jacket as a cape, and my umbrella as a cane
ZH: 戴着斗篷,作为我的夹克,我作为拐杖的伞

EN: The richest man rocks the snatch-less necklace
ZH: 最富有的人岩抓举少项链

EN: Spineless bitches and backless dresses
ZH: 没骨气的母狗和露背连衣裙

EN: Wore my feelings on my sleeveless
ZH: 在我无袖上戴了我的感情

EN: My weed seedless, my trees leafless
ZH: 我的杂草无籽,我光秃秃的树

EN: I miss my diagonal grilled cheeses
ZH: 我想念我对角线的烤的奶酪

EN: And back when Michael Jackson was still Jesus
ZH: 与迈克尔 · 杰克逊仍然是耶稣的时候

EN: Before, I believed in not believing in
ZH: 之前,我相信不相信

EN: Yeah, I inhaled, who believed in me not breathing in?
ZH: 是的我吸入,谁相信我不会呼吸吗?

EN: Cigarette stained smile all covered in scent
ZH: 所有涵盖在气味的香烟染微笑

EN: My big homie died young; just turned older than him
ZH: 我大老乡死年轻 ;只是转了比他年长

EN: I seen it happen, I seen it happen, I see it always
ZH: 我看见它发生,我见过它发生,看它总是

EN: He still be screaming, I see his demons in empty hallways
ZH: 他仍在尖叫着,我看到他在空走廊中的恶魔

EN: I trip to make the fall shorter
ZH: 我行,使较短的秋天

EN: Fourth quarter was just a tall order
ZH: 第四季度是只是高层的命令

EN: And I'm hungry, I'm just not that thirsty
ZH: 我饿了,我只是不那么渴

EN: As of late, my verses seem not so verse-y
ZH: 年底,我的诗歌似乎不那么诗歌-y

EN: And all my words just mean controversy
ZH: 所有的词的意思是争议

EN: Took the team up off my back like "that's not your jersey?"
ZH: 占团队离我远去了像"那不是你泽西岛吗?"

EN: Stressin', pullin' my hair out, hoping I don't get picked
ZH: Stressin',我的头发,希望我不会找

EN: All this medicine in me hoping I don't get sick
ZH: 所有这种药在我希望我别生病

EN: Making all this money hoping I don't get rich
ZH: 使所有希望我不会发财的钱

EN: Cause niggas still getting bodied for phones
ZH: 导致黑鬼仍然越来越饱满的电话

EN: Sometimes the truth don't rhyme
ZH: 有时候真相别韵

EN: Sometime the lies get millions of views
ZH: 什么时候谎言让数以百万计的意见

EN: Funerals for little girls, is that appealing to you?
ZH: 葬礼的小女孩,是那么吸引你吗?

EN: From your cubicle desktop, what a beautiful view
ZH: 从桌面小隔间什么美丽的视图

EN: I think love is beautiful, too
ZH: 我认为爱是美丽的太

EN: Building forts from broken dams, what a hoover could do
ZH: 从破碎的水坝建设堡垒什么胡佛能做

EN: For future hoopers dead from Rugers shooting through that empty alley
ZH: 为未来 hoopers 死从射击通过空巷子 Rugers

EN: Could've threw him an alley-oop, helping him do good in school
ZH: 可能已经把他扔绝处逢生,帮助他在学校很好做

EN: Damn that acid it burn when it clean ya
ZH: 该死那酸它燃烧时它清洁雅

EN: I still miss being a senior
ZH: 我仍然怀念一位高级

EN: And performing at all those open mic events
ZH: 那些在所有执行打开麦克风事件

EN: High schools, eyes closed seeing arenas
ZH: 高中,闭上眼睛看见阿里纳斯

EN: And I still get jealous of Vic
ZH: 我还是被嫉妒的维也纳国际中心

EN: And Vic still jealous of me
ZH: 和维克还嫉妒我

EN: But if you touch my brother, all that anti-violence shit goes out the window along with you
ZH: 但如果你碰我的哥哥,所有反暴力屎出去为窗口以及你

EN: And the rest of your team
ZH: 和您的团队的其余部分

EN: Smoking cigarettes to look cooler
ZH: 抽着烟看冷却器

EN: I only stop by to look through ya
ZH: 我只顺便来看看震遐

EN: And I'm only getting greedier
ZH: 我只觉得豆花

EN: And I'm still Mr. Your Meteor?
ZH: 和我仍是先生您流星吗?

EN: And I still can't find talent
ZH: 仍然找不到人才

EN: And I'm still choosing classmates that wouldn't fuck
ZH: 我仍然选择都不想干的同学

EN: Mom still thinks I should go back to school
ZH: 妈妈还认为应该回到学校

EN: And Justin still thinks I'm good enough
ZH: 贾斯汀还认为我不够好

EN: And Mama Jan still don't take her meds
ZH: 妈妈 Jan 依然不接受她的药

EN: And I still be asking God to show his face
ZH: 我仍然会问上帝要显示他的脸

EN: (And I still be asking God to show his face)
ZH: (和我仍会问上帝要显示他的脸上)

EN: I am a new man, I am sanctified, oh I am holy, I have been baptized
ZH: 我是个新的男人,我成圣,哦我是圣洁,我接受了洗礼

EN: I have been born again, I am the white lie
ZH: 再次有降生,善意的谎言

EN: Rain...rain don't go away
ZH: 雨...雨别走开