Chakal - Morlocks Will Rise! lyrics

Cruel world, seen through glasses
Grotesque world, unfair world
Buried that they can not see us
Flowers that grow from black blood
Morlocks will rise

The ugly ones, the outsiders
The fat ones, the skinny ones,
The nerds
Morlocks will rise

From the darkness,
From the cocoons
Hackers will save the world
The underground is the surface
The front door is kicked down
Flesh barbarity brutality of war
Nasty bodies lie in common grave

The eyes close as light shines
Teethless smiles and bounding knees
The ground shakes
An earthquake of misery
Morlocks will rise

A million shout in one voice
A new order in the world
Grunted words
The morlocks shout
Morlocks will rise