Chain - Cities VII lyrics

All I've seen and all I've come to know has carved me
With patterns you can trace to realize our differences
Are not for the better or the worse they simply just are
Taught in miles, learned by path, leave it on my epitaph
Embrace each uncomfortable moment then relax
The news alive and educates he who doesn't wait
But packs willing to return to the same space

For the first time
I am living
In colors I'm picking
But you keep on stalling
What cha gonna be if your never see

For the first time
You're given
A fresh pallet
You're mixing
But you can't keep on slipping
Back into the place that cha cant leave

I wanna stay in a place
And I must appreciate
Where I've been, what I've seen
Even though they're different things - and

Now that we've found common ground
I have a way to understand
What you are, how you work
What defines a peoples worth - now

I close my eyes, fall asleep
Knowing I fulfilled my dream
Now it's your time to fly
See the world with open eyes