Chad Bradley - To Chris Carrabba lyrics

Youre a romantic
Like me i can tell.
And yet you cant get the girl
I cant tell from your beautiful music.
It moved me to tears the first time
And it still does now
Whenever i am alone
Because i relate so closely.
I can tell you are like me.
I can tell you want people to know how
People like you and i feel.
I can tell girls are not our forte.
But it doesn't matter after a while
Because we have learned we both run back to them
Again and again.
I can tell you are like me.
You write the most lovely songs.
And im not able to fill your shoes yet,
But hey
We both started playing at 16.
And we both skateboard too.
I can tell youd be my friend if you got the chance.
And i wish i knew you.
Because we have so much to learn from each other,
Or not learn at all
Because we make the same mistakes.
And i know you dont realize it,
And you probably never will,
But you have helped me through the darkest of times
And ill never forget the picturesque scenes
Played out with your words and mouth
In every song.
To me its is uncanny
(like i was there)
Because i am there with you
Watching your heart break.
And i cried the first time i heard "remember to breath"
And i still do.
And i hope you understand
Why i feel this way.