Certainly, Sir - Sweet Time lyrics

Take your sweet time during mine.
Days out of line, that's just fine.

A minute infinite,
Two hours all ours,
Three days off in a daze,
Four years, oh
What the heck are years for?

-Like electric rails, overflowing pails,
The ever never more.

What the heck are tears for?

-They're to fill the pails,
Bring you to the rails;
They're what's behind that door.

What am I here for?

-Here to keep me home,
Though it's really yours.
When it pains it roars.

Oh stop, you'll make my ears sore.

-Could be what you need.
Watch the sky recede
And clear out for the storm.

Come out from in the open

-turn off the TV

Stand back from all the windows

-get beneath a tree.

Safe and dry and warm, hey, that's me.