Cerebral Bore - Mangled Post Burial lyrics

Scattered limbs, no more hymns

Tombstone broken off, with my hands, i dismember you
You're now inside me!

Box opened up, smell your corpse, i begin my work


Body rots, no escape for me, teeth ripped out, excitement with a scream

You, weigh, tons, raid cum, in
Rigamortis, amagortis
Skull, ripped, out - geez a snout now, you cunt
It's my pleasure, buried treasure - mate
You're my saviour, instant flavour

Rapid, heavy belter, disgusting demise
I have, morticians gloves on, they fit me nicely, you'll see

Mangled post burial!

Coffin in the grave, shoulders snapped, so you fit your clothes
Dead you hold the key to my salvation

Maniac, fantasy, six feet under, cum with me
Bible soaked in intentions
Laid to rest with your fear in your hands
Intoxication of your evisceration
Euphoric notions of white hot brands

Writhing around in your scattered pieces
Severed heads, bodies dead, i am full for i've been fed

Finally - i've made you mine now
Obliteration - in my wake
Infamous - only the dead will know