Century - Threats lyrics

You've been staring at me for my whole fucking life,
Muttering the same indifferent cliches about how we're just gonna get by.
Redirecting obsessions to the very thing that could have at least been considered formative,
In an endless dicussion that has compelled me to stare,
Longingly, at the front of a moving train car.
Entropy's open desire to end us, nothing of mine will I defend.
They're just standard ambitions, so you can take them from me.

And let them chew one antoher to death while I just waste away.
No chance to ever go back.

I look back in amazement.
We've got the same face, we've got the same voice,
And I can finally admit that I will be the very thing that takes you from this earth.
Helpless and alone,
Finally shut you up with just one turn of the wheel.
You know goddamn well I'm done.

And let them chew one antoher to death while I just waste away.

We've put good hours into alienating ouselves from one another,
So don't act like this is just purely the convergence of ideals that don't operate well together.
I want you to hurt for all the time that you wasted,
And I'm not fucking kidding, I'm not playing hurt dong.
I've forgiven enough mother fuckers in my life,
And I'm not ready to look back in myself as a vessel for shit habits.
Don't you fucking look at me.