Cemetary - Sweet Tragedy lyrics (Chinese translation). | Faceless I am dying
, Upon a withered Earth
, Pain gave me silence
, And pain gave mi birth
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Cemetary - Sweet Tragedy (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Faceless I am dying
ZH: 要死不露面

EN: Upon a withered Earth
ZH: 枯萎地上

EN: Pain gave me silence
ZH: 疼痛给了我的沉默

EN: And pain gave mi birth
ZH: 疼痛给了 mi 出生

EN: Lifeless I am falling
ZH: 我爱上毫无生气

EN: Into a room of ice
ZH: 成冰的房间

EN: At ease inside my prison
ZH: 在我的监狱里面的易用性

EN: Saved from bitter lies
ZH: 保存从苦涩的谎言

EN: The dust I leave behind...
ZH: 我留下的灰尘......

EN: A shadow you must wear
ZH: 你必须穿上一层阴影

EN: Feel the darkness in your mind
ZH: 感觉在脑海中的黑暗

EN: And the cold despair...
ZH: 和冷绝望......

EN: Flashing through my memory
ZH: 通过我的记忆闪烁

EN: The emptiness I hide
ZH: 我隐藏了空虚

EN: Losing all desire
ZH: 失去了所有的愿望

EN: Losing all but pride
ZH: 失去所有但骄傲

EN: The bridges all are burning
ZH: 所有正在燃烧的桥梁

EN: Nothing left to see
ZH: 没什么可看的

EN: The world now stands in ruin
ZH: 世界现在站立在废墟中

EN: Come sweet tragedy
ZH: 来甜悲剧