Celph Titled - Turntable Science lyrics

Verse One:
All you fuckin' DJs take heed to this installment
Or get your face augmented
Celph Titled spit raw sentences
Scully freak the instruments and all that
Weak niggas fall flat without they slip mat
Bangin' on wax
Got your neck hangin' from racks
Up in your studio with flamethrowers erasin' your DATs
It's serious
You ain't never in the DJ booth
You're spinnin' parties at gay clubs in your birthday suit
When my microphone is on, my tracks get felt

"While the techniques spin, the wax is on the felt" - Ultramagnetic MC's 'Ego Trippin'

And we outstanding/out standing like Buckingham Palace guards
And if you weaponless I still leave you unarmed
Beat juggle your frame, leave your chest cracked
Stab you with a Stanton, smack you with the Vestax

"I can't wait to break and eliminate" - Eric B. & Rakim 'Follow The Leader'

Any DJ without this record in their crate
Even the most simplest scratch you can't do nigga
Karaoke night's the only time you perform a jigga/Jigga
Your life is worth less than the trash it's been tossed in
Nobody carry your crates, now they carry your coffin

"It's Celph Titled motherfuckers"
"My tracks get felt"
"DJ Skully" "Bangin' on wax"
"Stab you with the ?, smack you with the best acts"
"It's Celph Titled motherfuckers"
"We demolish and kill"
"DJ Skully"
"Knock you out in the first round"

Verse 2:
Ayo Skully
(What's the deal?)
You gonna rip these fake DJ's?
(No question Celph)
Check the video for replays
We sellin your defeat
Makin' money off of haters
That's how my man flip the fader with the techniques
Knock you out in the first round
You hear the champion sounds?
You can crab scratch but it's just an itch on your crotch
See me in the club with the finest bitch in the spot
I should have my own mixer but I'm not a disc jockey
Be the first MC to have DMC sponsor me
Kidnap your kids from your vintage place
Duct or electrical we use all different types of mix tape
So get it straight or get ate up from your own gut

"He sound wack... wait up hold up"

And every piece of music I did is on vinyl from the rock n' roll hall of hell
It's Celph Titled motherfuckers
You think your style is tougher than leather
You should polish your skills, we demolish and kill
Crap DJ's and you faggot rappers get it too
Skully cut the wax and bring the motherfuckin chorus through


"It's like that" "Like this"
"Motherfucker's tryin to diss"
"You must be outta your fuckin mind"
"I came back for those who still too intact"
"DJ Skully bout to fuck shit up"
"Celph Titled number one"
"We callin' the shots"
"We don't give a fuck"
"Well hold up I'm not done yet"
"We don't rock a spot we tear the roof off the bitch"

Outro [Celph Titled speaking]:
You have just witnessed real motherfuckin turntable science
Sprinkled with a little bit of thug sauce
From Tampa Bay to New York to the UK
Celph Titled AKA Frosty The Snow Thug
And DJ Skully AKA Scratch Your motherfuckin' Eyeballs Out
It don't get no more Godzilla than that
Catch a couple of those and call me in the morning motherfuckers
Remember it ain't where ya from it's where's your gat
Bitch-ass nigga's