Celph Titled - Buck's Four Course Meal lyrics

"It's nineteen ninety now and there's certain individuals
Swear they rollin' hard and get robbed on principle" - Mos Def 'Got'

October 26th

[Celph Titled talking]:
It's nineteen ninety NOW. Now motherfuckers!

[Verse One][over Buckwild's beat for The Artifacts 'C'mon With The Get Down (Remix)':
So here I am (yeah)
In the spot you probably wish you was
It's a few haters, but damn if I ain't gettin' love
You see my fan base (yep)
You see them quotin' bars
You see them bringin' up my name sayin', "He goin' hard"
He took some time to make an album
Now he's back in effect and motherfuckers wanna out him
A lot of rappers got my face on they dart board
But they don't start war cause I'm the hardest of the hardcore
Tinman don't need foil (no)
Metallic, exo-skeleton when heat boils
Leave you in the sun till your meat spoils
The beat boils
Buckwild bakes the heat rocks
While you soft though, I'm pullin' back the crossbow
(And y'all know)
The game's saturated and crowded
But you don't hear us bitchin', instead we did somethin' about it
Made an album with the same ingredients as many classics known
The golden era rap fans who love echoing saxophones

[Verse Two] [over Buckwild's beat for Bushwackas's beat for 'Caught Up In The Game']
A concept first of it's kind
Imagine if we combine (humm)
Me, with the murderous rhymes and tracks from a earlier time