Ce'cile - Drop Me lyrics

Ladies dis a party time
Gwane shake di body bruk out and wine
And all di fellows oonu get behind
Hold it up and pump it yo

Lift me up and drop me
Bend mi up and lap me
Crank it up and shock me
Nuh want no man dead stock me
Bwoy chain up and back me
Try stone up and rock me
Grip me hard and slap me
NU want no bwoy dead stock me

So back me up pan di speaker
Dis ya u fi feature
Mi know u have a gyal but tonight you a creep
A Guinness you a beat ya
So tun up di meter
Handle it rough bwoy di harder the sweeter
Love it when u wine and mi a feel it
Love it when u kotch it pan di side and all a deal it
Love it when it bad so till selector all a wheel it
Haffi reveal it UH


Anybwoy want a wine tell dat come
Video light a shine so bad gyal nah run
Disya wining ting and we nah back dung
Mek a bwoy come yea we do dat fi fun
Ca wi a di queen a skettel kingdom
But disya skettel ya nuh quick fi lie dung
Mi nuh dat cheap nah gi mi man bun
But fram a dancing ting any bwoy welcome