Caustic Soda - Photocopied lyrics

"I've been trying to find you."
I've been here all along. P
Lease don't think that I
Haven't been
Out for you.

I've been home.
I've been right here but the stereo has been on . . .
Too loud for too long.
Because everybody's been getting me down.
And this is what I do to drown out their incessant drone.
And I am waiting for an apparition to appear.
Bright and unforgiving.

Just like so many that have come before.
Just like so mant that will come again.
Let me play the prophet.
I know exactly what to say.
God knows I've watched you often enough!
But I'm more fed up now than sad, actually.
Because it's the same sentence in a different throat - a tape recording in a loop and it goes round and around.

Pass around the crown.
We'll all get to wear it for a little while . . . and he
Says, "Well I've been trying to find you." Please.
DOn't think that i Haven't been listening out for you.
It's just that the stereo has been on too loud for too long.
(And every word that you hold dear - it's just a photocopied letter sent out to everyone, every year. And what you heard and held sincere - you'll hear a thousand times and now . . .you'll be lucky if you care. Do you care anymore?)