Catch 22 (Metal) - Spitting Nails lyrics

[ t.j. berry ]

i see the truth stuck between your teeth
i see the way its gonna be
never really never really cared for you

never really never really cares for you
sittin on the sidewalk
listenin to the small talk
countin the lies-as the shit gets deep
never really cared for you
you never really cared for me
bet your ass i wont lose no sleep
[ chorus ]
spitting nails
spitting nails
you ate from the stupid plate
and licked it clean
you have more faces
than ive ever seen
i know the feeling
i know the feeling so well
i know that time will
i now that time will always tell
sittin on the side street
cussin at the concrete
sayin all the things that your mamma dont like
remember what your mamma said
brush your teeth and go to bad
and 2 wrongs dont make a right
but it makes you feel better