Cast (Mexico) - Echoes lyrics

The echoes of your voice
We keep them in this walls so proud
As a dissected wolf in your wal

Images of your dreams
We freeze them on a screen so clear
You think the future is in your hands, you hands?
No matter what can you destroy in your land
There's something evil in your head!!

The long time you've been here
You always wanted to beat frontiers
Like all the heroes in your land

You want to link a communiation
With any special civilization, why?
When you not even have a hundread years
Without the fears of war and hunger tears
When you not even help yourself!!

Conquerors of all in the space
You are no more than fools!!
Isn't your heart the first place
That can give you some peace?

Dead leaders of your world
They now belong to this four walls
This is a prision for their souls!!

The eternal punishment
For all the heartless evil men is here
We are the tiny men you heard on three
We are in charge to make them pay in here
You better listen what i say!!

Conquerors of all in space...