Cast-Iron Silhouette - Trajectory Calculations (To Raid And Regain The Treefort) lyrics

Walked past your old house today
Remembered all the ways we played our games
Charades_ the sky limited our imagination

Life was different back then
Simple and carefree
All that made sense to us
Was having the time of our lives
That we were, you and I

Walked past our old park today
Remembered elaborate schemes we would erect
Where to build the perfect fort, hideout in the trees always a new plan

We were different back then
Simple and careless all that made sense to us
Was getting the best from our lives
That we did, you and I

You and I-
I want to go back
To our tree-fort in the woods
Would you be sitting there
Thinking up plans to win the war
Maybe we could wait til winter
Snow always gave us new life