Cassidy - We Dem Buls (2014)

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Cassidy - We Dem Buls lyrics

Hold up, we dem buls
Hold up, we dem buls
What yall hatin for
Hold up, we dem buls [x2]

[Verse 1]
Im in the club wit a top model
Poppin bottles put that molly on my tongue and swallow
Im rollin yup and rollin up and twistin reffer
Indica and stativa got me high as wiz khalifa
That sour loud but u don't here me tho
My pockets fat like lil terio
Im wit a ho i barely kno
But imma pound her cuz her ass is rounder than a merrygo
She gon lick this chocolate then swallow nut like its a pay day
She put up workin she was twerkin now she doin the nay nay
You know what, i beat that coochie till it swoll up
Squeezin on that fatty, "please cum for me daddy"


[Verse 2]
I be pimpin this chick im wit be whorin
Had her spittin on the mic like she was in the booth recordin
She told me "hoes be buyin red bottoms but can't afford em
To get a pair i rather just suck you and fuck you for em"
Bitch you trippin "whats the problem"
I ain't trickin only thing im spendin chicken on is condoms
When you deal wit cake niggas still ll hate
Im tryna build my cake so no bills is late
I was dealin weight now im tryna buy real estate for my children sake
Im determined to get payed man
BUt life is short i get it and spend it instead of save man
But all this damn ice got me losin my damn sight
I went from havin 20 20 vision to prescription ray bands