Casket Garden - Poisonvein 1010011010 lyrics

Living with this barcode deep inside
Looking through the black cage burnt behind my eyes
Night affection, terminal infection
Binary abscess on this festering nation

Black I feel-bleeding still
To mute encoding I close my eyes
I'm rather blind than this barcode inside
Like a tumor ones and zeros burn my bones
I'm without within like mechanical stone
Devaluation, degradation
I'm good at reduced price for this goddamn nation


Oh sweet night I'm falling down
I'm poison-veined, generated, enslaved
Hold my arms Embrace me now
Coded and insane I'm poison-veined right now

Poison-veined poison is life

Like clet against machinery seems my war
But all the atoms was believed so undividable
Night affection, terminal infection
I want to be an abscess on this binary festering godforsaken nation


Poisonvein 666