Cashius Green - I Ain't Happy (feat. Vince Staples) (2013)

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Cashius Green - I Ain't Happy (feat. Vince Staples) lyrics

[Verse 1: Cashius Green]
Aye, Shoes double size, triple size
Let me emphasize, plenty gasoline to light fire after the crime
Too many 9 milli's leave 'em drippy
Mouth tape like milli vanilli
Watch 'em go crazy, like get in
And supplying the achilles
We got the dillies
Make you feel coup in a monster truck
The shruck, the what? hit the clutch
And pop me a willie
Pop her left eye, hoes feeling chilly
Shoulda thought twice, the strawberry filling
______?bitch know your rights
Whole 9 today, I'm on a killing spree
Hennesy, don't get in my way
We can freaky, or you can be leaking
Hit Peurto Rico for the weekend
To confuse the precinct
Just sayin I'm free
Minding my problems, and they all come back to bite a g
Repeatedly, gotta beat their knees
Sprinting ain't in my policy
Nigga you're free to leave
Tell your bitch not to bother me
Baby mom's to unfollow me
So the fuck said I'm proud to be me

[Hook x2]
Gimme the fucking keys, I a'int happy
I couldn't make a dollar, wit'out trappin'
The guns still clapping, kill the witness
Since ain't nothing gon' happen
Ain't made a dollar off this rap shit
Who the fuck said I was happy

Double down, that's a kilo
12 thousand on the line, watch how I lit this casino
Or rob these niggas blind
Take the money, take the gold
Take the watches, I know a nigga who pawns
Where's my matches, let's burn this nigga alive

[Verse 2: Vince Staples]
I done lost my fucking mind
Got a revolver and a nine
Millimeter, cheerleader form a single file line for the dope
Out-selling bitches hope, by the half and pound
'round da town, cops know the color of my clockwork
Tryna get my money, where my heart's worth at
Only sleeping where the Mossberg at
How am suppose watch my back, when it's against the wall
Niggas live to see you fall
Fuck you tryna make a change
All I wanna do is ball
I ain't never had to pot to piss in
Or no competition
So I ain't afraid of shit, but dying broke and life in prison
This is the life a nigga chose
So till I die, I live it
Drive by in the honda civic
Aimin' at the children
Children of a promise, given by a false prophet
Tryna sell my dark thoughts to the world, we all got 'em
But still they try to label me
Mr.crazy nigga, guess that's just what I was made to be

[Hook 1x]