Cash Sinatra - Never Have I Ever (2012)

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Cash Sinatra - Never Have I Ever lyrics

[Verse: 1]

Let's get it started, let's get it crackin'
You know its gonna cost
Straight retarded
I get to rappin' and everybody lost
I'm everybody's boss
I get everybody tossed
I got a dirty mouth so I'm always trynna floss
But I'm back in it, stackin' it
And I'm packin', passin' it
To my other mans, damn all these ratchets they traffickin'
Got me safe around town
You know its goin' down
I start to feel goals everytime I touch-down
Safety !
Got my plate b
Angela, Vanessa, these pastries is tasty
Sneak girls trynna lace me
I'm black with the green, I ain't talkin KG
Back on the scene
Calling me for take 3
Action !
This movie is B.I.G. no Gravy
Ya wack fly don't phase me
I'm like a toll, cross me gotta pay b


Never have I ever met a rapper like me
With a swagger so clean
And his flow so mean
And never have I ever met a rapper so clever
She in love 'fore I met her, I try not to sweat her
But I
Gotta do it right
Everyday I'm spittin
Always on the mic
Bars so heavy, but I take it so light
Never have I ever met a star so bright

[Verse: 2]

I'm shining
Reclining, rhyming, never whining
Taking time from grinding
Find a perfect hymen I can slide in
So I be dining with a dime and
Give her diamonds that's the finest
Pilin' shit, she got me buyin' shit
Flyest of the lining
Think I missed a beat
Trick or treat ?
Never me
You get a ride here a cover sheet
And the quickest skeet
To leave you in a midst of meat
Don't "mister" me
You missing me ?
You a fool !
You'd hear it from Mr. T
I get the passes to be dabbling with the baddest
At pageants with so much carrots
They afraid of all the rabbits
I'm like Patrick
I like you, and you, and you and..
Dammit just let me have it !
So just pass it
Yup, yup I catch it
Like Erving
Before my Johnson its Magic
After its tragic
I retire you
I hired you for one thing
Then its bye bye boo
And tell ya friend I said "Hi" too

[Hook x1]

Third verse
I'm comin' in, loving it
Fumbling for my ticket
Rummaging through some luggage boy
So don't trip !
I indulge in some greatness
While you plummeting
Covering up fluttering
Im live ! You can't live !
But I am the shit
And I'm fly
So I'm on it
Show her where I live
I'm ghost she tryed to haunt it
Got the head, then I cut ..barber
Dug her out no farmer
Plugged her walls no charger
It'll cost ya
Never been an amateur
Clean up nice, never been a janitor
Said she like to ride
Know how to handle her
Call it retail she bring it back when I damage her
Get grades after ramming her
Get straight "A's" thought she was from Canada
WWE the way I be slammin' her
Call her in for work, feel like I manage her

[Hook x1]