Cash Money Click - Get The Fortune lyrics (Chinese translation). | Yeah
, Word up
, Niggas is out there frontin
, Tryin to get the fame
, Niggas need to be gettin the...
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Cash Money Click - Get The Fortune (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Yeah
ZH: 是

EN: Word up
ZH: 词

EN: Niggas is out there frontin
ZH: 黑鬼是出有转身

EN: Tryin to get the fame
ZH: 心去名人堂

EN: Niggas need to be gettin the money
ZH: 爱你需要的钱

EN: [ Ja Rule ]
ZH: [Ja 规则]

EN: Don't risk it, Ja Rule's known for makin fat shit
ZH: 别其风险,Ja 规则已知 ㄩ 脂肪狗屎

EN: Fully-loaded clip, usin wax for targets
ZH: 完全加载的剪辑,遛蜡为目标

EN: Rattattat, rewind the DAT, black
ZH: Rattattat,倒带 DAT,黑色

EN: I got your mind wide open and your wig pushed back
ZH: 我有你敞开的头脑和推回您假发

EN: So keep it comin, you don't want none, but you'll get some
ZH: 所以让它进,你不想,但你会得到一些

EN: Sweatin faggot niggas, got that ass full of cum
ZH: Sweatin 同性恋黑鬼,屁股那充满暨

EN: Ja live, leavin flatlines through your vital signs
ZH: Ja 居住,震荡甜蜜蜜通过你的生命体征

EN: When in disguise I'm a shadow with red eyes
ZH: 当我在伪装的阴影,红红的眼睛

EN: I stay high, layin in the bed, do or die
ZH: 我留高,躯体躺在床上、 做或模具

EN: A stye over my eye made me realize
ZH: 在我的眼睛麦粒肿让我意识到

EN: Life's a scramble with scars and scrapes
ZH: 生活的伤疤和擦伤争夺战

EN: You better premeditate for the moves and shake
ZH: 你更好地为移动 premeditate 和摇

EN: Cause it's a shakedown, watch me break down on the low
ZH: 因为它是一种勒索,看着我低而破裂

EN: The real is that them fake niggas can't flow
ZH: 真实的是那些假黑鬼不能流

EN: You get moved on and get that ass torn
ZH: 你拿移动并获得饱受摧残的屁股

EN: Out the frame, muthafuckas
ZH: 出的帧,这些混蛋

EN: For tryin to bring the ruckus
ZH: 为尽力使吵起来的

ZH: [合唱]

EN: Get the fortune, muthafuck the fame
ZH: 获得名望的财富 》,muthafuck

EN: Maintain but never strain flow with the grain
ZH: 保持,但从来没有应变流和谷子

EN: [ Nemesis ]
ZH: [复仇者]

EN: 52 pick-up's
ZH: 52 回暖

EN: Oh my God, I shatter niggas, it's a stick-up
ZH: 噢我的天,打碎的黑人,这是抢劫

EN: Niggas got popped on the block, raise up
ZH: 黑鬼被打得在块上,提高了

EN: 19 years young, I'm still wildin
ZH: 19 岁年轻,我仍是大发雷霆

EN: Got more rhymes than combined time of niggas on the Island
ZH: 岛上有更多儿歌比合并时间的黑鬼

EN: So bring the wax, selector, we comin through your sector
ZH: 所以要带蜡,选择器,我们通过您的部门进

EN: Blasted off Tanqueray mixed with peach nectar
ZH: 升空与桃花蜜混合的坦克里

EN: Niggas play the good son and I play the killer
ZH: 黑鬼玩好儿子和我玩杀手

EN: Them niggas ??? cause the Click is much iller
ZH: 这些黑鬼???单击的原因是很多 iller

EN: [ Ja Rule ]
ZH: [Ja 规则]

EN: Who's next to get they neck broke
ZH: 是谁让他们脖子旁边打破了

EN: Rubberneckin my mic-check, showin niggas no respect
ZH: Rubberneckin 我 mic 复选,舒黑鬼不尊重

EN: Cause you're chokin off the mic that I left smokin
ZH: 你是乔金离开了排烟,mic 关闭的原因

EN: Hopin that this shit you kick is this potent
ZH: 山明水秀这不把你踢得这烈性

EN: Paraphernalia, illegal substance, don't touch this
ZH: 生财工具,非法物质,不要碰这

EN: Parents be advised cause I'm explicit with my lyrics
ZH: 父母会告知原因我很明确我的歌词

EN: On some real shit, fuck the bullshit, it's the Click
ZH: 上有些是真实的狗屎,他妈的废话,它是单击

EN: Representin Woodhull, Hollis Ave., 205th
ZH: Representin 伍德哈尔,霍利斯大道 205th

ZH: [合唱]

EN: [ Ja Rule ]
ZH: [Ja 规则]

EN: I live and die for my Click, nigga, goin all out for the cause
ZH: 我死我的点击,黑鬼,走出来的事业和生活

EN: Protect what's mines and then I take what's yours
ZH: 保护地雷是什么,就是你的什么

EN: During the day rap assassin
ZH: 期间一天 rap 刺客

EN: Keep MC's off my heels from blastin muthafuckas into fractions
ZH: MC 的把我从入分数 @ 寂寞的高跟鞋

EN: My actions gotta speak louder than words
ZH: 我的行动得胜于雄辩

EN: I'm on the verge of becomin the first nigga that's heard
ZH: 我的 becomin 听到的第一个黑人边缘

EN: A lifetime sentence, born and raised to be relentless
ZH: 一个生存期的句子,出生和长大,要付出不懈

EN: Black, get them niggas with a death wish
ZH: 黑色,让他们想死黑鬼

EN: [ Chris Black ]
ZH: [克里斯黑色]

EN: Niggas got me target, blazin mad slugs on a strap
ZH: 爱你让我的目标,布拉赞表带上的疯狂蛞蝓

EN: Nem Terror, Ja Rule and Chris Black
ZH: Nem 恐怖、 Ja 规则和克里斯黑色

EN: 3 deadly elements out for the fortune
ZH: 为财富 3 致命元素

EN: Ave. cold be scorchin, 9mm storchin
ZH: 大道冷是 scorchin,9 毫米 storchin

EN: [ Ja Rule ]
ZH: [Ja 规则]

EN: The way I choose to live my life is irrelevant
ZH: 我选择,我的生活的方式无关

EN: Smokin weed for the hell of it
ZH: 今生为它的地狱的

EN: With my Click, get the dick
ZH: 我单击,以让迪克

EN: You can't fuck with the foundation
ZH: 你不能操与基金会

EN: Mic G, CMC, a Top Dawg ??????
ZH: Mic G,CMC,顶尖的大狗???

ZH: [合唱]