Casey LaLonde - Beat Salesman lyrics

White boy on the microphone with no business being here
I'm playing on my Casio gonna keep your brain and ear
I only shoot right from the hip can I get a moment please
But I'll never shoot a bullet I don't bite myself better keep your hands up please

I'm only hear 'till yesterday selling solid beats by pound
Got a square wave and a clap-track sound that'll keep you hangin' round
But you never wanna hear about a yesterday and you never wanna feel it all but today
I'm gonna put a fat beat right in them feet are you ready to dance and die?

Drum attack
Record deal
Make a steal (x4)

Put my life on record cassette there's a hidden track somewhere
Fast-forward rewind record over hell the player at the tape
Don't really know what I want from life but of this I know I'm sure
That nothing in this goddamned world was ever really yours

Drum attack
Record deal
Make a steal (Repeat to end)