Carved In Stone - If I Could Only lyrics

If I could only understand
The speech of bird and tree!
How many secrets they would tell
And share them all with me!
And ev'ry bush and ev'ry rock
I'd see with different eyes;
I'd understand the river's whisp'ring
And the raven's cries
And the raven's cries.

Deep in the forest I'd build a house
Of wood, of straw and stone
And the good folk would be with me,
I'd never be alone.
I'd listen to the melodies
Of all their songs of old
And winds and leaves would tell me
Ev'ry legend ever told
Ev'ry legend ever told.

Peace, little dreamer, take a rest,
Too much it is you want!
'Cause bush and beast speak in a tongue
You no more understand.
Once man has spoken with the woods
A long, long time ago,
But all this wisdom now is gone
And buried in the snow.

But if you want to learn again
And make a whole new start,
Then listen to the whisp'ring wind
And listen with your heart
And listen with your heart.