Caro Emerald - A Night Like This lyrics (Chinese translation). | From where you are
, You see the smoke start to arise
, Where they play cards
, And you walk over
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Caro Emerald - A Night Like This (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: From where you are
ZH: 从你在哪里

EN: You see the smoke start to arise
ZH: 你看到烟雾开始出现

EN: Where they play cards
ZH: 他们打牌

EN: And you walk over
ZH: 你走过去

EN: Softly moving passed the guards
ZH: 轻轻移动通过警卫

EN: The stakes are getting higher
ZH: 赌注越来越高

EN: You can feel it in your heart
ZH: 你可以在你的心脏中感觉

EN: He calls you bluff
ZH: 他打电话你虚张声势

EN: He is the ace you never thought
ZH: 他是你从没想过的 ace

EN: He played that much
ZH: 他演奏的这么多

EN: And now it s more than all this cards
ZH: 现在是 s 比所有这卡

EN: You never know if winning this
ZH: 你永远不知道如果赢得这

EN: Could really be enough
ZH: 可能真的是够

EN: Take a look
ZH: 看看

EN: Beyond the moon
ZH: 超越月球

EN: You see the stars
ZH: 你看见的星星

EN: And when you look around
ZH: 当你看看周围

EN: You know the room by heart
ZH: 你知道心的房间

EN: I have never dreamed it
ZH: 从来没有想到它

EN: Have you ever dreamed a night like this
ZH: 你曾经梦想过这样的夜晚吗

EN: I cannot believe it
ZH: 我不敢相信它

EN: I may never see a night like this
ZH: 我永远不可能看到这样的夜晚

EN: When everything you think is incomplete
ZH: 当你认为一切都是不完整

EN: Starts happening when you are cheek to cheek
ZH: 开始发生时你是脸贴着脸

EN: Could you ever dream it
ZH: 你可以梦想过它吗

EN: I have never dream,dream a night like this
ZH: 我从未有梦,梦到一个像这样的夜晚

EN: How many times
ZH: 多少次

EN: Have I been waiting by the door
ZH: 我一直在门边呢

EN: To hear these chimes
ZH: 听到这些编钟

EN: To hear that someone debonnaire has just arrived
ZH: 听到有人德邦奈雷刚

EN: And opened up to see
ZH: 和开放,请参阅

EN: My world before my eyes
ZH: 我在我的眼前的世界

EN: That silhouette creates an image
ZH: 那轮廓创建图像

EN: On the night I can t forget
ZH: 那晚我不能忘记

EN: It has the scent of something special
ZH: 它有什么特别的气味

EN: I can t rest
ZH: 我可以 t 休息

EN: If I resist temptation
ZH: 如果我抗拒的诱惑

EN: Oh,I know for sure I will lose the bet
ZH: 哦,我知道肯定会输

EN: I walk away and suddenly it seems
ZH: 走的时候,突然之间好像

EN: I m not alone
ZH: 我不是一个人的 m

EN: In front of me he stands
ZH: 他站在我面前

EN: I stop before he goes
ZH: 我阻止他进入前

EN: I have never dreamed it...
ZH: 我从未想过它......