Cardamon - Sleepless World (2010)

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Cardamon - Sleepless World lyrics

We refuse to comply
To how all others live and die
We won't be swallowed by the grey
Living life to fade away

Day turns into night unnoticed
As we try to own our mind
And the only thing awake with us
Is the clock that ticks away time

Seeking solitude with our kind
All bounderies undermined
Wandering through the night unheard
We belong to the sleepless world

While the others rest in peace
We free ourselves from the disease
To run away from all regret
We come to life when light is dead

We refuse to be part
Of the ones drained from the start
Cause for them all there is
Is chasing after what's meaningless

So the others should just stay away
Do the same thing every day
Without asking questions anyway
We carry on 'till time has past


We are drawn to the night
While everybody's running...


We live when light is dead