Car Is On Fire - Red Rocker lyrics

I know a girl who said
"Life's too short to be sad"
Well it means nothing
If it's too short to be happy

We got a forest in the city
Things are different when you're high
Everybody looks so pretty
Every second's good to try

If you want we can wait together
I'll be glad!
But if you plan to leave me then you
Better not

'Cause to watch you start to smile and laugh
Is all I get from life
And if you don't see it it's too late

You may regret

I wish I could forget
I think I have to just let go my head
But that is even worse

I never cry
When I'm taking my eye
And I can't tell you why
I'm not down I'm not high, no

(I know you know I'm worried
But you never get yourself
So low for long)