Car Is On Fire - New Yorker lyrics

Hello, touch and please, don't go
Swear I'll stay cool
Hello, crash and don't withdraw,
Who knows who's who?
The look I'm looking for -
Flash in street lights
The voice that attracts my thoughts
Wind's breath in a crowd

She's a New Yorker, trembling air
Every corner, park and square
She's a New Yorker, there's no clue
Part-time lover, love is blue

C'mon, won't you take my hand,

I'll let you down
C'mon, won't you grab my tone,
Drown in the sound?
C'mon, don't you know the world is on your side
C'mon, won't you think my name and melt your mind

I'm a New Yorker, what is true?
Part-time joker, nothing new
I'm a New Yorker, there's no clue
Day sleep-walker, missing you

I'm a New Yorker, love is blue