Captain Beefheart - Safe As Milk lyrics (Chinese translation). | Well my cigarette died when I washed my face  
, Dropped some drops in an ashtray hit a wrong
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Captain Beefheart - Safe As Milk (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: Well my cigarette died when I washed my face
ZH: 我的烟好死时我洗我的脸

EN: Dropped some drops in an ashtray hit a wrong
ZH: 丢弃在烟灰缸击中几滴错

EN: place
ZH: 地方

EN: Woman at my blinds to see spiders spinning lines
ZH: 在我的百叶窗的女人看到蜘蛛纺丝生产线

EN: Its a safe as milk it`s a safe as milk
ZH: 其安全作为牛奶它是一个安全的牛奶

EN: I never heard it put quite that way
ZH: 我从未听说过它投入了相当的方式

EN: The shape I`m in is a gone a way
ZH: 我在该形状是走了一种方法

EN: They called a day they called a day
ZH: 他们叫他们叫一天一天

EN: yesterday`s paper headlines approach rain gutter
ZH: 昨天的报纸头条新闻接近雨装订线

EN: teasing rusty cat sneezing
ZH: 戏弄生锈猫打喷嚏

EN: Soppin wet hammer dusty and wheezing
ZH: Soppin 湿法的锤满是灰尘和喘息

EN: Lusty alley whining trashcan blues
ZH: 妖媚的巷子里抱怨垃圾桶蓝色

EN: Children running after rainbows stocking poor
ZH: 运行后彩虹放养贫困儿童

EN: Gracious ladies nylon hanging on to line
ZH: 优雅的女士们尼龙线上挂着

EN: Jumping onto leg looking mighty fine
ZH: 跳上腿看起来不错

EN: Sorrows lollipop lands stick-broken on a dark
ZH: 悲伤棒棒糖地政棍子打破上一个黑暗

EN: carnival ground
ZH: 嘉年华地面

EN: Pop up toaster cracklin Aluminium rhythm and
ZH: 弹出烤面包机 cracklin 铝节奏和

EN: sound
ZH: 声音

EN: Ev`ry day pencil lazy and sharp
ZH: 每一天铅笔懒惰和锋利

EN: The icebox inside looking like a harp
ZH: 冰箱里面看起来像一个竖琴

EN: E-lectric bulb been out for years Freezer fumes
ZH: E 比翼齐飞灯泡好几的年冰箱油烟

EN: feed the gas tears
ZH: 饲料的气体眼泪

EN: Cheese in the corner with a mile long beard
ZH: 奶酪与英里长的胡子角

EN: Beggin` blue bread dog eared (repeat twice)
ZH: 两次求蓝面包的狗耳 (重复)

EN: I may be hungry but I sure ain`t weird
ZH: 我可能是饿了,但我肯定不是很奇怪