Capone-N-Noreaga - Pain lyrics (Chinese translation). | [samples]
, From CNN world international, this is world news
, *gunshot*
, I don't think there is...
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Capone-N-Noreaga - Pain (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [samples]
ZH: [样本]

EN: From CNN world international, this is world news
ZH: 从有线电视新闻网世界国际,这是世界的新闻

EN: *gunshot*
ZH: * 枪弹 *

EN: I don't think there is such a thing as a good war
ZH: 我不认为有什么好的战争这种事

EN: There are sometimes necessary wars
ZH: 有时是必要的战争

EN: It was something that had to be done
ZH: 这是必须要做的事

EN: The real war involves getting down there and killing people
ZH: 真正的战争涉及下来并杀害的人获得

EN: And being killed yourself or just barely escaping
ZH: 和被杀死你自己,或者只是勉强逃逸

EN: It gives you attitudes about God, life and death
ZH: 它为您提供关于上帝、 生与死的态度

EN: That are unattainable anywhere else
ZH: 这是遥不可及地方其他

EN: I'm not sure I can speak about why human beings in general go to war
ZH: 我不知道我可以谈谈为什么人类一般去战争

EN: I think that's a large category, they go to war because it's impossible not to
ZH: 我认为这是一个大的类别,他们去打仗,因为它不是不可能,

EN: Being shot, you saw them fall, because these things you saw
ZH: 正在拍摄,看见他们掉,因为你所看到的这些东西

EN: And the fact that this is for real...
ZH: 与这一事实,这是真的 … …

EN: [Noreaga]
ZH: [] Noreaga

EN: Unh!! Unh!! Unh!! Yo, yo!!
ZH: 目前,新罕布什尔大学 !!目前,新罕布什尔大学 !!目前,新罕布什尔大学 !!哟,唷!!

EN: Waking up, cold in my eyes, two phillies ready rolled on the dresser
ZH: 准备好的两个富吵醒了,在我眼中的冷、 热轧在梳妆台上

EN: My chick hatin', I won't stress her,
ZH: 我的鸡怨,我不会强调她,

EN: Probably get her mad and pay attention much lesser
ZH: 可能会让她愤怒和关注很多较小

EN: Hit the closet up, brush my teeth and get fresher
ZH: 点击壁橱、 刷牙和获得更新鲜

EN: These things real you can bring your diamond tester
ZH: 这些真实的东西,你可以带你钻石测试仪

EN: I see through your glass my dude, like Large Professor
ZH: 我看到你的杯子通过我的伙计,像大教授

EN: My nigga died that night, lampin on the park bench
ZH: 我爱死了那天晚上,在公园的长凳上 lampin

EN: I'm kinda hurt, I ain't been back to the park since
ZH: 我有点受伤,我那已是回自公园

EN: See I'm a G holla, high like comets
ZH: 看,我是 G 一声不响,像彗星一样高

EN: And I ain't with the shit, I despise all the garments
ZH: 我不是用屎,我鄙视所有成衣

EN: Demise what you garbage, your whole team is green littered
ZH: 批租你垃圾,你的整个团队是绿色乱扔

EN: Which means your target's not safe in the markets
ZH: 这意味着你的目标的不安全市场

EN: I inherit niggaz beef quite frequently, that's why they call me Warrior N.O.R.E.
ZH: 我继承这些黑鬼牛肉相当频繁,这就是为什么他们叫我战士 N.O.R.E.

EN: When they speak of me, Gangsta, Monster Kody, parolee
ZH: 当他们谈到的我,黑帮,怪物 Kody、 被假释的罪犯

EN: I'm on my Din, Hakeem, Allahu Akbar
ZH: 我在我丁、 哈基姆,绿衣

EN: Swing big swords, cut in half a cop car
ZH: 摆动大剑,切半警车

EN: My nigga Truth rock stock rims Magnum
ZH: 我爱真理岩股票 rims 枕大

EN: Fuck them groupie hoes cause we been done had them
ZH: 他们的巡回演出锄头操导致我们已经做了他们

EN: Bust nuts off, lower they facial
ZH: 关闭破产坚果、 降低他们面部

EN: I'm a Geto Boy like Bushwick and Face
ZH: 我是一个致密区男孩像布什威克和脸

EN: And I always had a record, I was born with a case
ZH: 我总有一条记录,我天生就有一例

EN: I feel pain
ZH: 我感觉疼痛

EN: [hook: Capone (Noreaga)]
ZH: [挂钩: 卡波内 (Noreaga)]

EN: Been through it all in my life
ZH: 通过它一直都在我的生命

EN: I done watched close niggaz to me die by the gun and the knife
ZH: 我做看着密切爱我的枪和刀模

EN: (I feel pain)
ZH: (我感觉疼痛)

EN: This for niggaz on they own or locked up on the phone
ZH: 这对于他们自己或锁在电话上的黑鬼

EN: And they never comin home, y'know? (I feel pain)
ZH: 他们永远不会来家里,你知道吗?(我感觉疼痛)

EN: Look what happened to Haiti it's all crazy
ZH: 看看发生了什么事,海地是疯了

EN: Everynight I go to sleep and kiss my baby
ZH: 夜我进入休眠状态,亲亲我的宝贝

EN: (I feel pain)
ZH: (我感觉疼痛)

EN: Everyday the same story, war hustle, territory
ZH: 领土战争奔波,一样的故事,每天

EN: We just try'na see the glory, y'know?
ZH: 我们只是 try'na 看看荣耀,你知道吗?

EN: [Capone]
ZH: [] Capone

EN: Ayo it's fucked up my nigga Black Box died on christmas eve
ZH: 它注视我黑箱傻女死于圣诞前夕

EN: My other homie on his birthday
ZH: 在他生日那天我其他兄弟

EN: Now we on the block thinkin revenge, not hearin what his Earth say
ZH: 现在我们不想报复,块 hearin 他地球说什么

EN: Lookin at his seed make me want it in the worst way
ZH: 我看着他的种子让希望它差的方式

EN: Besides that my other nigga got cancer and just found out that his wife is a dancer
ZH: 除此之外其他我爱得了癌症和刚发现他的妻子是一名舞蹈家

EN: So many questions all I need is an answer
ZH: 我需要很多问题都是一个答案

EN: I done did so much dirt ain't no room in the hamper, check it
ZH: 我做做污垢太多并不是没有房间筐,因此将其签

EN: I got scars on top of scars, William Wallace renegade,
ZH: 威廉 · 华莱士叛徒,我得到了顶部的疤痕疤痕

EN: Most of you niggaz sweeter than lemonade
ZH: 你们这些黑鬼比柠檬水甜的大多数

EN: We bloody up your garments, nigga this is phonics
ZH: 我们流血了你的衣服,你这是语音

EN: I ain't speakin in ebonics take my words as a promise
ZH: 我不是 speakin 的黑人英语拿我的话的承诺

EN: Get Obama on the line tell him raise the threat level
ZH: Get 奧巴馬线上的告诉他威胁程度提高

EN: We the last real niggaz standin when the dust settle
ZH: 我们围了一圈的最后一个真正黑鬼当尘埃定居

EN: When it's war dunn, the beef never stops
ZH: 牛肉战争莲的时候,永不停止

EN: It comes right back around like the hands on a watch
ZH: 它回来右像手上一只手表

EN: Army fatigue, fox, 40 below Timbs
ZH: 军队疲劳,狐狸,低于 Timbs 40

EN: 501 Denims, coca sales with no lens
ZH: 501 穿着,古柯销售没有镜头

EN: Just to see the snakes clear cause I ain't got no friends
ZH: 想看看蛇不明的原因我不是有没有朋友

EN: Only my brother from another mother we goes in
ZH: 只有我弟弟从我们进入另一个母亲

EN: My gun' the alarm, bullets fatter than Big Mama
ZH: 我的枪 ' 报警,子弹大妈妈比胖

EN: To deal wit' the pain I smoke scamah (I feel pain)
ZH: 若要处理智慧 ' 痛苦我抽烟的 scamah (我感觉疼痛)

EN: [hook]
ZH: [钩]